Our history

Our company was founded by Luigi Pisa in 1980, after his more than twenty years of experience, starting from the early 60s, as an installer of LPG systems for cars.

The first item produced by StarGas was the cylindrical tank for LPG. Subsequently, in 1989, we designed our first pressure reducer / vaporizer, which soon became one of the most appreciated on the market, for its reliability and performances. Also in 1989, Stargas began producing many other components of the conversion kit.

In 1990 StarGas began producing and distributing electronic components, in parallel with the continuous implementation in those years of electronic controls in the car engines, mainly in relation to anti-pollution regulations.

Today the range of StarGas systems, supported by a complete software package and an efficient after-sales technical organization, is suitable for all petrol vehicles.

StarGas has structured its production lines with the aim of achieving and maintaining maximum quality standards.

To guarantee such high quality levels, StarGas adopts the latest available technologies, both for the analysis of the incoming materials and for the checks on the final products.

Important collaborations with homologation institutes, both in Italy and abroad, allow us to stay constantly updated on the evolution of the sector regulations, and therefore to conform our products to them.

So today StarGas occupies a good position on the national market and is also present in more than thirty foreign countries, not only in Europe, where the company exports successfully and constantly increases its sales.

We are also proud to point out that in 2001 StarGas was the first company in the world to produce a sequential LPG injection system in gas phase (called "Polaris"): a real milestone in our sector!

Polaris system introduced significant innovations compared to the previous existing technologies: improved performance, higher fuel economy and a large reduction in polluting emissions.

With Polaris, the conversion to gas of even the most recent cars became possible, keeping performance and fuel consumptions very close to the original petrol mode. In fact, remaining on the tracks of StarGas, most manufacturers of autogas systems in the following years adopted similar technologies.